11th Applied Inverse Problems Conference in Göttingen, Germany

September 4-8, 2023 

Second Call for Minisymposium Proposals

Submission is closed 


Following requests from China after the change of Covid policy there, we have decided to start a second call for minisymposium proposals at AIP 2023. The call will be open for everybody and follow the same rules as the first call.
We invite proposals for minisymposia containing the following information:
•  Title (up to 100 characters)
•  Names and affiliations of organizers
•  Description of the topic (about half a page)
•  List of speakers including affiliations and links to webpages if available.
A minisymposium may have either 4, 8 or 12 speakers, possibly including the organizers. The speakers should be contacted in advance. Please keep in mind that every participant may give at most two talks, preferably only one. The proposals should be submitted to our conference mangement system (https://www.conftool.com/aip2023/).The deadline is March 2, 2023.

Here you find detailed instructions on the submission process.